The villa rises on three levels but, being built on a slight slope, due to the conformation of the land it is as if it had two ground floors.

Upon entering there is a large and articulated living room with dining area, a kitchen with French doors, a double bedroom, a bathroom with whirlpool tub and window, a double bedroom + single bed, an anteroom with a washing machine and a bathroom with shower.

Living room.
Bedroom with double bed.
Bedroom with double bed and single bed.
Bathroom with Jacuzzi.
Bathroom with shower and small bathtub.

On the first floor, reachable both by an internal wooden spiral staircase and from the external garden, there is an entrance with a large veranda, two double bedrooms, one with a baby bed, a double bedroom + a single bed and a bathroom with shower. and window.

Second floor terrace with second entrance to the Villa.
Bedroom with double bed and cot.
Bedroom with double bed and single bed.
Bedroom with double bed.
Bathroom with shower.

Continuing to climb the spiral staircase you reach an open space with a double bed plus a single bed. The area is equipped with three windows, air conditioning and a bathroom with bathtub.

3rd FLOOR: 1 Double Bed, 1 Single Bed, Bathroom with tub.