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VILLA Le Agavi is situated on the slope of a hill facing the beautiful sea; behind the top of the hill, you can find Scarlino: a small medieval village, rich in historic testimonies.
The town is dominated by the
Rocca/Fortress (10 century) from which can be enjoyed a big view over the Gulf of Follonica and the Tuscan Archipelago from which you can clearly see the Isle of Elba, easily reachable through daily excursions.

Walking by the lanes of the town, you can see the Chiesa romanica (Romanesque Church), inside of which a Renaissance wooden crucifix can be found, the Chiesa di San Donato (San Donato Church) which hosts frescoes found in the houses of the old town centre and the monument dedicated to Giuseppe Garibaldi in remembrance of his overnight stay on the 1 September 1849 at Angelo Guelfi’s home, before running away towards Venice after the defeat of the Roman Republic.

The Festa delle Carriere (Careers Festival), on the 19August, is the town’s most important and characteristic celebration which has religious origins and it commemorates a miraculous event that took place around 1855, when a cholera epidemic ended all of a sudden, and the fact was attributed by the religious people to a supernatural intervention. The festival starts with the historical cortege: with velvets and brocades, dames, captains, gonfaloniers and pageboys, like in a fairy tale. The cortege heads towards the large square adjoining the Castle, where the challenge among the Archers of the three ‘Contradas’ (Centro, San Donato and Rocca) takes place. Subsequently, the inhabitants of each contrada challenge one another in a series of competitions which last the whole day (from 9 am to Midnight). Each street in the village becomes a theatre where the “contradaioli” (contradas sympathizers) mime and act. Visitors are, therefore, projected into a fantastic dimension of historical commemoration and for a day they will feel as if they were living in the nineteenth century.

But Scarlino is not only hill and art: its territory spreads up to the sea, whose coast, 13 km long, offers a noteworthy variety and beauty. A very limpid sea, marvellous sea floors, clear and very fine coral sand, the evergreen maquis which gets up to the beach... this is the wonderful spectacle of the southern part of Scarlino’s littoral.

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